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I'm pretty nervous ...?

First, I've never been to the dentist for anything but a cleaning in my 21 years. Well, I'm about to get my wisdom teeth extracted. The top two teeth will be a regular extraction since they are both all the way in and not covered by gums at all. The bottom two, however are severly impacted, and halfway covered with gums. They've told me that they will need to cut them into pieces and then pull them out. All of this should take a whopping 45 minutes of work. I am only getting laughing gas, a sedative, and local anesthesia because cost is a factor. Needless to say I'm a nervous wreck. I can't stand any mouth pain and I am scared to death of the thought of getting shots in my gums repeatedly. I was wondering if anyone can share a similar experience with me to soothe my anxiety. I was also wondering on a scale of 1-10 how much did it hurt during the procedure?

I'm pretty nervous ...?
Hi, I can certainly understand your anxiety. I had all four of my wisdom teeth extracted a while back, and two of mine were impacted too (the bottom 2). I was a nervous wreck just like you, and I can assure you that on a scale of 1-10, the pain was a 1, if even that. The worst part is always the novacaine.(I don't like the shots, either, but it was just a sting.) I didn't even have laughing gas or a sedative or anything, except heavy novacaine.(About 4 shots) The only thing I felt was a deep pressure, and I could hear cracking noises. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought, and it was over fairly quickly, about 45 minutes, which didn't seem as long as it sounds.

I didn't have any swelling afterwards,(which differs with everyone) and all I did when I got home after the novacaine wore off was take over the counter Tylenol, and apply ice to my face for preventive measure in anticipation of any swelling.

It's easy for me to tell you not to be scared, but believe me, you willl be just fine : ) I hope this helps you, and I am sending good thoughts your way. Soon you will be smiling like this :-D

Good luck to you, everything will be okay!
Reply:the meds you are getting will help you. you wont feel much pain. your mouth is a personal area so it does seem to make you nervous, but you will be fine. the meds you are getting is more than some people get so you will be fine and once the meds hit you you wont feel a thing
Reply:relax! :o) you are not going to be uncomfortable during the procedure. your lower 3rd molars are actually not "severely" impacted. you described them as partially erupted making them easier to access than many others. the 45 minutes you mentioned will include getting you sedated, getting you numb and then letting you "wake up" from the nitrous oxide. the surgeon will probably only work about 15 minutes to actually remove the teeth! it's amazing. i work in the oral surgery department of a university and want to assure you that if your caregivers didn't think they could make you comfortable without putting you to sleep, they would not have agreed to it. go ahead and put some jello in the fridge, get some movies for the weekend and follow your post-op instructions for icepacks and meds. you'll be just fine! best wishes!

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Reply:Amusing my friend,and not too much to groan about. 6/10
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Reply:Well done. Started my day off with a broad smile.
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A Friend,


Have terrible teeth like me?

I am Calvin. This is my first question, and I really just want to vent.

Okay, so I am 16, and I have incredibly bad teeth... Highschool is THE WORST place to be, because everyone is a critic, and I hate the fact that my teeth could be a reason that I don't get a girlfriend, or not have a load of friends... I picture myself as an ugly person the way I am, but most of the time I have a false happy image on. I love to laugh, and I'm a pretty funny person, but every time that I smile, I think about how "Everyone must have seen my teeth!" or what they think of me as a person... I feel like I need to do something, because it's affecting an important part of my life, and possibly the rest of it.. My question is if anyone out there can possibly lend a helping hand, just a number to a pro-bono dentistry local to my place of residence (Olympia, WA) or even a web-site, or maybe you're a dentist yourself? You never know.. I also have a twin brother with equally bad teeth, and we really need this..

Have terrible teeth like me?
well in LA, some girls like crooked teeth cuz it gives a bit of a unique look. but i dunno about suburbia, just move here homie
Reply:brush and get braces
Reply:I wish I knew of a place. My family was blessed with bad teeth too and people do judge you for it. If you are young, save as much money as you can towards your teeth. Dentistry is extremely expensive and most dental insurance plans don't cover real dental work. They only cover cleanings and if you are lucky, fillings.

**I don't think the asker said he had crooked teeth.
Reply:no i dont have bad teeth i have straight teeth that r pearly white
Reply:I live in Bothell, WA (other side of seattle. so kind of far.) but you should call DSHS (dept of social and health services) they can refer you to dentists who work on a sliding scale (based on how much your parents make) and will be able to at least make it affordable for your family if you dont have any dental coverage.

otherwise you should get out the phone book and talk to some local dentist offices about it. tell them your situation and that you need a sliding scale or a pay later method. although you may get a lot of people that say "no" there will be someone who can help. if they say "no" ask them if they know of anywhere that would be good for you to call. dentists know other dentists, so they may be able to refer you to another location. dont just look in OLY... look in the outlying cities if you can get a ride from someone for your appointments.
Reply:I would just go to a local dentist and get veneers (they straighten and whiten your teeth). I have teeth problems but I don't have the money to fix them. My teeth problems is caused by my two front teeth being crooked. When I went swimming one time someone pushed me against the wall and it made them crooked.

Plus, if these people don't like you because of your teeth, what does that say about them?
Reply:Hi Calvin.. I can understand how you feel. For me, it was my tummy after having 3 kids.. I was ashamed for years.. so I finally just went to the surgeon and got it done. I will be paying it off for a few years, but honestly it made such an improvement for me, I would pay much for the improvements it made.. If you know this is something you need, ask your parents if they can finance it for you.. If thats not an option, just call dentists in your area and ask them yourself.. I am sure they could lead you in the right direction... and remember.. where there is a will, there is a way!
Reply:Hey honey,

I went through the SAME thing, I finally ended up paying for my own braces when I was 19.. I am now 23 with straight teeth..

I grew up not even wanting to look at myself when I brushed my teeth.. people were mean, and I remember hiding from cameras in fear that someone would capture my teeth on film.. I covered my mouth when I talked or laughed, I barely smiled.. it really affected my life.. I got a good dentist who allowed me to pay random payments, because she knew I couldn't afford to pay a lot of money per month.. after a LOT of work, and 3 years, I have so much confidence now it's not even funny.. you should look in the yellow pages in your phone book, or and ask around for quotes, work for the summer and save your pennies, you WONT regret it .. I can guarantee it.. you'll appreciate it more if you pay for it yourself, I never held it against my parents because they couldn't afford it.

I understand what you're going through, I wish you the best of luck.. better now than later! Take care !
Reply:well, i have the same problem. well, not really, i have horribly crooked teeth and they aren't exactly white. its not that i don't brush them, but teeth aren't naturally white. a slight yellowish color is normal, its the color of the enamel they are made of. people with white teeth must have bleached them, people with straight teeth must have gotten braces. crooked teeth are like that for a reason, im not a dentist, so this is just my theory, but i believe that teeth align themselves to be best at chewing the kinds of foods you eat most often. i really doubt that people will judge you for what your teeth are like, you can just keep your mouth closed if thats the problem. and think about it, theres a country somewhere where everyone has horrible teeth, they are even famous for it almost. its called england, and its still a pretty interesting country. if anyone says anything, scare them. be a psycho, no one will think less of you for it, its makes you more interesting if anything, if they tease you say something like "better for ripping your jugulars out" while staring at them cross eyed and drolling a little. but if you do tat try to do it alone with them, it makes it even more fun.

and in the future, no intro is needed for yahoo answers.
Reply:don't worry, you aren't the only one that has this problem. perhaps you could and your brother could save money from working or take out a loan to get dental work done such as braces or veneers.

and let people judge you from the inside 1st! :-)

rubber slippers

Changing my major from Pharmacy?

I am a freshmen at a local college. I had the motivation to become a pharmacist. However, I am also thinking about changing to dentist or even becoming a doctor. What are the pros and cons among these?

I have done a lot of studying among these and it seems that becoming a doctor will likely get paid more where as a pharmacist makes about 90-100k (US Dollars).

This may sound like a dumb question but what is the average income for an American? I would like to live in a big home and not stress about money throughout my life and I feel if I become a pharmacist, I will stress out financially.

Changing my major from Pharmacy?
I don't know the pros and cons of those jobs but the only thing I know is that it is probably better for you to become a dentist or a doctor. You will have harder time while studying at college but those two jobs have bigger posibilities to give you a better life. Because if you become a pharmacist you can't really have a rich life but becoming a dentist or a doctor have bigger potential job opportunities. I am sorry but this is all I can say. But don't just change your major just because of money issues but also don't forget that money matters, you can never ignore money problems.

Is it necessary for a two year old to get her teeth repaired if they are starting to decay?

This is a 2 year old that the dentist is going to put her to sleep and perform the dental work at a local hospital.

Is it necessary for a two year old to get her teeth repaired if they are starting to decay?

these teeth will start getting replaced by permanent teeth only by the age of 6-7-8 yrs...till then, they are essential to maintain the shape of the jaw arches and act as guides for the permanent teeth to erupt. once the decay starts, it is necessary to clean the tooth as only in rare situations decay gets arrested on it`s own. the child`s nutrition might suffer if the teeth are not restored to health.

the temporary (deciduous/milk) teeth act as blueprints for the permanent teeth and maintaining their health is as vital as that of the latter.

take care of the kid`s oral just dont get the treatment done but get all the advice from the dentist for future precautions and any other health conditions the child might be sufferin from that is affectin the mouth as well....
Reply:Well, normally I'd say no because they are going to lose those teeth anyways, but not for quite some time so in the meantime I would probably be best to get them repaired. It'll help preserve your child's self-esteem and dental health.

I hope everything goes well. Good luck!
Reply:Why is it that a two year old has such horrible decay in her teeth anyway? Does she have some bone disease because a normal healthy two year old shouldn't have this problem. It wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion from a dentist but oral hygiene and health is vitally important to a person's overall health. I do believe that the decay should be addressed in some form, but more importantly, the reason for the decay should be addressed and taken care of to prevent health problems in the future.
Reply:Yes!!! Those decaying teeth can HURT!! My mother worked in a pediatric dentist office for years and told me so many horror stories about parents bringing in children screaming in pain because their teeth were rotting in their poor little heads. (In more than one case, the parents were angry at their kids for crying so much even though they were the ones giving the infants and toddlers Mountain Dew in a bottle every day.) I know they're just baby teeth and will fall out eventually, but you wouldn't want a two year old to hurt for years until they do. The decay can lead to infection and even affect the permenent teeth coming in behind them, anyway.
Reply:of course,

u dont want this decay to reach to more deeper levels, and prevent the infection reaching the bone, since dental decay is a sort of infection..

and in this young age, it is very sad to see such decay to b prevelant and seems the parent didnt obtain good oral it is their duty to help make a stop of this in the first place and seek treatment for their child,and since the child is pretty young, general anesthesia is treatment of choice.. due to incooperation at such age and it is going to take some time..
Reply:Take her to the dentist to check. I suggest not letting her have anything other than water in her bottle as other drinks can drip on the teeth and make the decay worse. No lollypops either. Obviously she can have other drinks if she's being supervised but if she's just going to keep the bottle in her mouth for a long time then water is best. Don't be too hard on yourself, this happens to a lot of kids.

Wisdom Teeth?

Im five months pregnant and my wisdom teeth just came through. My dentist put me on Amoxicillin and tylonol for infection and pain. He reffered me to a specialist an they said they prefer not to pull them out but can pull out the one that hurts the most on the bottom with a local anastic. I have four months left to go so I can be sadated and have them removed or I can remove one now with local and wait till after birth.Any suggestions? anybody been through this before? Please Help!

Im in pain with out the tylonol and some days the pain is so strong that doesnt even work.

Wisdom Teeth?
i had pain in one of my wisdom teeth a few years ago and it hurt so much i was trying to pull it out myself ... well not really but i wish i could have ... but i did go the dentist and i got that one tooth removed he asked me if i wanted to go to an oral surgon but it hurt so much i had to have it done and i am glad i did i was relieved of the pain instantly the only concern i have is i know nothing about local while being pregnant but im sure if the dentist does it its safe... but if it bothers u that much i would get it done its not that bad if the dentist will give u as much novicaine to realieve the pain i know different dentist give different amounts ... i hope i have helped alittle bit
Reply:Clove oil is the best home remedy for toothaches. Even dentists use it. I found the information at useful
Reply:Good luck with the tooth pain and hope it vanishes.
Reply:If the tooth extraction will not endanger the baby, then the one that hurts shall be pulled out. Why suffer the pain if there's a remedy?

Child Health Insurance...?


I still believe US is more advanced than Japan in most of the fields.

But speaking of child health care, Japan has better system.

In Japan, the health insurance covers 70% of medical expenses at any hospital.

Even for a dentist too.

Not covered for pregnancy and deliverance though.

Anyway, it depends on where you live but some locoal governments pay for the rest (30%) for kids up to age of 12,

which means you don't have to pay anything for kids' medical expenses.

In Tokyo, you pay 0. Health insurance societies pay 70% and local governments pay 30%.

If your kid is hospitalized, you only have to pay for food.

In a small town in Nagasaki, you have to pay 7 dollars at most a month for kids' medical expenses, and the local government cover the rest.

My question is... can't the US, the biggest and strongest country in the world, cannot do the same or similar things for kids???

Child Health Insurance...?
I am not a George W. Bush supporter. I believe the election of 2000 was stolen by the Supreme Court. The Iraq War was approved by Congress based on evidence that was tainted by none other than President George W. Bush. I think he should be impeached and removed from office. That said, I hate to say that he was probably right on this one.

The federal government is operating at a deficit. Balanced budgets are not on the horizon anymore. This is not the time to pass a massive spending bill to cover children that don't need to be covered because they are already covered by their parents' existing policy.

Cover only the children that need to be covered. Keep the others in mind for when the economy is stronger.
Reply:free health care is a load of sh*t.

Yep, I said it. I went against fat Michael Moore and the mighty "LIBERAL AGENDA"

F*** commie dems.
Reply:And we thought this country is so great..we can't even take care of our own children.our future.
Reply:Now for the third time you've asked this same question No and Hell No. thanks for the 6 points.
Reply:How about they do the same as I did which is to assume responsibility for the health and welfare of their own child? Since people weren't tripping over themselves to voluntarily remove the burden from me, why should I be forced to accept the financial burden of caring for theirs?

If you can't afford to take care of children, don't have them. Go get sterilized.
Reply:When the government pays for health care it comes from taxes. Taxes are paid by the citizens of the land (ie. you).

When you say, "I want the government to pay for health care for me.", what you're really saying is, "I'm too stupid to spend my own money."

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